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Return of Uncovered Policeman

Yes the Uncovered Policeman, Rags, is set to return in a new adventure!

LIVE, LOVE and LAUGH is released on Thanksgiving Day 21st November 2019. It is available for pre-order on Amazon from …. NOW!!

The paperback will be released at the same time. All things being equal!

The front cover of Live, Love and Laugh
The return of the Uncovered Policeman

Rags is back with a new adventure set, in part, on the island of New Albion. A place created by Wallace Greensage for “Who Is This Naked Lady?: And What Have They Done With My Wife?

Remember he left the after party following the final, farewell performance of the Unknown Twins with company? How he returned to his hotel and he sat and talked the night away with his new companion? Well this might be a good time to read or reread The Uncovered Policeman: The Long Road!