In and Out of the Blues

In and Out of the Blues

In and Out

The Uncovered Policeman: In and Out of the Blues (Rags to Riches Book3) is out on 7th June 2016.

The third standalone story in the series that make up Rags the uncovered policeman’s journey  to  Riches.

Follow him and his Solicitor girlfriend’s adventures as the join his mothers honeymoon in a French naturist resort.

Walk with him as he cleans up a naturist beach.

Find out why his brother is called Thor   .

Then there is the wine and the photography.

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I really hope you enjoy this one!

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Short Stories

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warning they all contain mentions of nudity (but no sex)

The Reading List w.e. 29/04

Book wise nothing new ….I carried on with the Muirwood trilogy

Charlotte’s Near Miss

There was a really good short story By Wallace M Greensage, Charlotte’s Near Miss. The story is set in the world of New Albion, the Island State in the Atlantic created as home for his naturist themed series.
The short story is available FREE on his website

Read This Week 22/04

The Wretched of Muirwood

I down load The Wretched of Muirwood on a whim following and Amazon Kindle Unlimited e-mail.

I’d class it as Fantasy Fiction. If you are going to enjoy reading this book you have to be able to accept that it is set in a different reality.

Set in a world where members of families can command the Medium to bring forth fire and water, to still storms and destroy their enemies.

The heroine Lia is one of the ‘wretched’, a child born outside of a family or abandoned (Lia’s origins) and raised as servants in the Abbey. The wretched are given names to match the work they do, the laundresses are  ‘Reome Lavender’ the hunters are ‘Jon Hunter’.

The mighty are The Aldermaston, head of the Abbey, or like the princes and knights ‘Mastons’

Lia has a unique gift for a wretch, she can control the ‘leering stones’ and through them she has some powers from the Medium.

Layer on a rebellion against a corrupt King, a coming of age story, and mix in an easy reading style of writing and you have a book that you can enjoy reading. While it gets dark at times, a bit like in a John Wayne movie …. you always know the good guys are going to win.

I’ll give it 4 out of 5 stars

The Bride Wore Buff

Brad Eases

An interesting premise for a good fun naturist romp … if a bit far fetched but once you accept it the story works well.
Good fun classic romance motifs

Girl has boy, Boy’s parents think she is from the wrong side of the tracks, girl looses boy, girl gets boy back ….Everybody gets the reward they deserve.

All classic fare but nicely done.

Breaking The Ice

(An Examination of The Barely Decent) by Brad Eases

I read this one as a follow up to the Bride Wore Buff.

3 (eventually 4) Attractive single girls decided to hold a Clothing Optional garden party … Why are they single?

It’s not quite naturist fiction but not a smut book either.

Light, fluffy, frothy, fun nothing to dislike the pages kept turning and as a free Kindle Unlimited it was a pleasant read.

I’ll award 3 stars out of 5

The Uncovered Policeman Abroad

The Uncovered Policeman Abroad is published on Amazon Kindle on Saturday  (23rd April 2016).

Rags, the Uncovered Policeman, continues his journey towards the riches of life, this story finds him and his life partner Bea on holiday together in France. It is not the usual tent in the Dordogne type holiday either!

cover abroad

Uncovered Policeman Abroad Cover

After the morning briefing, the Sergeant called Addy to one side.

“I have had a memo from HR about the amount of untaken leave on this team. We can’t keep carrying this much leave forward. We will have nobody on duty from Christmas to Easter! It was highlighted that you haven’t taken any this year. Think about taking a break soon.”

That evening the still-buzzing Bea started talking holidays; she had been told to take a holiday, and she wanted a holiday, somewhere nice, warm and naked. To her surprise Rags agreed immediately and suggested a week in mid-September.

“What about that La Jenny place Elaine and Brian went to in the spring?” he continued. “I think we should push the boat out a bit, you only pass your LPC once!”

“You are a wonderful man!” Bea hugged him close. “Let’s get online and book it now.”

Rags booted up his laptop and Googled “La Jenny”. Half an hour later he had some bad news and some good news for Bea.

“OK, start with the bad news, I like to end on the good stuff”

“The bad news is that La Jenny is closed from the end of the first week in September.” But Rags was still smiling, “but I have managed to get us the week at Atlantique Naturisme France which is just down the coast from La Jenny, in a nice Premium Chalet.”

They spent the next hour and a half looking at the ATNAT website imagining that they were there already.

“The bad news is that La Jenny is closed from the end of the first week in September.” But Rags was still smiling, “but I have managed to get us the week at Atlantique Naturisme France which is just down the coast from La Jenny, in a nice Premium Chalet.”

They spent the next hour and a half looking at the ATNAT website imagining that they were there already.



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The Bare Essential

Stephen W Johnson

Bare Essentials

Rich Heiress abandoned as a babe with some nutty cult. Is found by the Executors of the estate and virtually kidnapped and sent to a naturist resort to rehabilitate and be un-conditioned. With a secret minder

Resort manager tries to seduce the minder … and fails.

The repressed cult girl eventually gets to try naked living .. and likes it.

The heiress falls in love with the naked minder.

They find a mysterious fall out bunker

Storm hits the island resort …  Naked minder gets dressed heiress refuses!

All in all a nice little love story but rather untidy in places.

Secret tunnels unexplored and unexplained. Documents in filing cabinets in a bunker on an island that came from where.

It is a porn free book that is positive about naturism but needs tidying up.

As it is I’ll give it 3/5 *

Read This Week 08/04

Misbehavin’ Megan

I have had the pleasure of reading an early draft of Adam Lawler’s next book; Misbehavin’ Megan.

I have enjoyed reading adam’s work in the past , this new  tale proved to be no exception. A good story it should appeal to all sorts of people. A grown up romance free from pornographic detail …. because there is no real action to report.

Due to be published soon a great follow up to:

Barely Retired


Barely Home: Back to the Hills

Read this week – Mirror Earth

I just finished reading P Z Walker’s science fiction story Mirror Earth.

mirror earth cover
P.Z. Walker – Mirror Earth

It was a bit slow to start but once it got going it was a great fun read. I give it 4* (out of 5)

The scenario was quite complex and took a while to set up, hence the slow start but the pace soon picked up.

The story is one of people thrown into an alien environment and how they cope.

Teams of scientists on two Mirror Earth’s are working to prove that parallel universes exist. As a result of an accident or mistake the two teams get thrown into the other universe.

The team from the Earth closer to ours finds itself in place with different wild life, no money and no clothes … How will they cope?

The team from the alien world, can they cope with the crowds, the money driven society and the coverings?

Will they get home again … find out by reading for yourself.

Yes in this case  Reading is fun

Buy Mirror Earth on Amazon

The Naked Warriors

The Naked Warriors is a  short story in the Rags to Riches Series.

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This story is about the life and loves Captain Paul Johnston. Paul is the elder brother of Bea, the woman in the life of the Uncovered Policeman. while he has not appeared in the series to date, although he has been mentioned, so this is the first time we meet him.

Paul has been sent on detachment to the Falkland Islands as part of the British Forces defending the Islands. He has just received three letters from three different women. This afternoon he has the free time to read them too.

Captain Johnston, Paul Johnston, sat in the chair in his small room in the Officers Mess at RAF Mount Pleasant, the base for the RAF and British Army in the Falkland Islands. He had just received 3 letters, so he had collected a mug of coffee from the dining room and planned to read them all during the afternoon. Later that night he would be taking over as Duty Officer so until then he had a little quiet time to himself.

Interesting all three letters from women, if only two of them weren’t from his mother and his sister. The other one was from one of his former platoon commanders. He would save that one for last.”

Naked Warriors Cover
The Naked Warriors,
A Rags to Riches short story


I got to like Paul during this story. I am sure he will be back  in Rags to Riches 4, not that I have started that book yet!