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New House … New Neighbours

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New House … New Neighbours

New House ... New Neighbours

It is a dream …
You’re going to retire from work and buy a house in the south of France.
You search the French countryside
Eventually, you find the right house, in the right location, at the right price!
You put in an offer.
The vendor says yes.
The legal process grinds through all the necessary steps.
The place is yours!
Suddenly, you own the right house, in the right location
What you have forgotten is, that with a new house, you get new neighbours!
Will they be good neighbours? As Jerry and Fran move into their new house in the village of Las Lilas, they are about to find out!!

The Uncovered Policeman (Rags to Riches Book 1)

This is a gentle romantic comedy. It features naked people … but no absolutely no sex … the characters are British after all! It is a crime story … but nobody gets hurt … smelly but there is no violence It begins when a police radio crackles into life.

“Charlie 1 5, Charlie 1 5” ….Charlie 1 5 is PC ‘Addy’ Adiscombe a young PC looking to advance his career in the police force.

“1 5 receiving, What is your message? Over” ….Answering this call is the start of things that will change his life

“1 5 we have a report of a burglary on licenced premises. Can you attend?” ….. It sounds OK so far doesn’t it?

“1 5 Mark me as attending. What is the address?” …… Then again things change

“1 5 You are going to love this.” Replied the dispatcher breaking RT protocol “The Club House at Eden Gardens Naturist Resort” …… At least it wasn’t the weekend and the place very busy “This will be fun… NOT!” Addy thought to himself,” I can see the stick I am going to get from the lads over this one” …. Just how wrong could he be. ……..

For Addy a new life, a new love and a voyage of self discovery start here.

The Uncovered Policeman Abroad (Rags to Riches Book 2)

The second story in the Rags to Riches series finds PC ‘Addy’ Adiscombe, the Uncovered Policeman, on holiday in France. Not just your usual ‘tent in the Dordogne’ but one that requires a lot less packing. In fact he had travelled Hand Luggage only. It had been a superb relaxing time.

That is until a knock on the door one evening leads him into another case where being uncovered is essential for success. Once again he is helped in his mission by Bea, his naturist girlfriend, she who christened him ‘Rags’. This time a cast of new friends from across Europe lend a hand too. Will the Uncovered Policeman succeed in nailing the baddies? Naked jogging, is it a good idea? How big a car do you need for a camping holiday? What is a Stonewall Jack? The answer to these and one or two other questions you were never going to ask are revealed as the Uncovered Policeman continues his journey from Rags to Riches …

The Uncovered Policeman: In and Out of the Blues (Rags to Riches Book 3)

A stand alone story, that forms the 3rd instalment in the tale of the Uncovered Policeman.
PC ‘Addy’ Adiscombe is drawn deeper into a naturist life by events around him and his solicitor and long time naturist girlfriend Bea.
Join him on his mothers honeymoon at a naturist resort in the south of France. Walk with him along a British beach as he sweeps the sands clean. Oh yes and there is the wine and the photography ….. and a man called Thor

The Uncovered Policeman: Goodbye Blues(Rags to Riches Book 4)

The start of the fourth Uncovered Policeman story finds PC Adiscombe of work with an injured back (again).
His girlfriend, newly qualified solicitor Bea Johnston, is about to start a new job in France.
at least he will be able to spend a few weeks in France with her.
Then things go right, very right.
Old friends rally around and assist in many different ways. Family offers help and they are on the way …
On the way where?
What is the future for PC Adiscombe’s alter ego Rags the naturist?
What is the difference between the naturist Bea and the Naked Bee?
Is it Bee honey or Bea, honey?
Confused ?
You won’t be (bee? Bea?) after you read Goodbye Blues the fourth tale of The Uncovered Policeman.

Two Weddings and a Naming (Rags to Riches Book 5)


Two Weddings and a Naming

A shorter book the title says it all. Lots of laughter and joy as you would hope from such joyful events!

The Uncovered Policeman – Caribbean Blues (Rags to Riches Book 6)

Uncovered Policeman Caribbean Blues
Uncovered Policeman Caribbean Blues
Several summers have passed for Rags the Uncovered Policeman. He has a wife and children and life is wonderful. Then one winter evening there is a knock at the door. When he opens the door he is surprised to see the dead ringer for a younger version of Bea, his wife and mother of his children. The unfazed young woman at the door knows who he is though, “Good evening Mr Adiscombe.” her first words give that much away!


The Uncovered Policeman – Family Album (Rags to Riches Book 7)

The Uncovered Policeman – Family Album

Due out 30 June 2017

Rags and Bea are on the return trip from an interesting adventure on the Caribbean paradise of St Maarten. On the island, they stayed at the famous Club Orient all expenses paid, they help Bea’s long-lost Uncle Dave (as his alter ego Canadian rock star Lucifer Lightning) protect his new recordings from pirates.

They even ended up helping to stage a bare gig while Rags took pictures for the “Stripped” album cover.

The bare gig having gone so well there is a plan for Lucifer Lightning to bring his band to the UK and Europe for a tour and some naturist festival shows. This means that, for the first time since before Bea was even a twinkle in her mum’s eye, Mum, Sylvia, and her brother Dave will be on the same continent.

Will it be a happy reunion or will fur fly? Whichever, Rags, the Uncovered Policeman will be there with his camera to record it all for the Family Album.

The Uncovered Policeman – Family Album is the seventh book in the Rags to Riches series

  • Paperback

A Spring Break at L’Abeille Nue (Rags to Riches Book 8)

Image A Spring Break at L'Abeille Nue
A Spring Break at L@Abeille Nue

A Spring Break at L’Abeille Nue is the 8th Rags to Riches

The story starts with the trials and tribulations of twin sisters Jeni and Karin, who are part of the up and coming young band, Five Point.
The downside of this rising fame is the interest of the tabloid papers and web sites. The paparazzi are after them and the girls need a holiday.
Elodie, their manager, suggests a break in a place where nobody takes pictures. L’Abeille Nue. The resort run by her cousin and her cousin’s husband, Bea and Rags – the Uncovered Policeman.
Just one minor point Elodie omits to tell the girls … L’Abeille Nue is a naturist resort.

The Uncovered Policeman: Made for TV  (Rags to Riches Book 9)

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An email from an old friend piques the interest of Rags the Uncovered Policeman (retired).

Hi Rags,
I have had a visit from an old neighbour of mine and Gill’s, from back in the day. A guy called Ian Francis. He works in the TV industry, something to do with making light entertainment programmes. He is looking for a venue to make a drama programme. He visited us but after we had talked it through we decided that we couldn’t offer consistent enough weather for making a drama over several weeks.
Consequently, I suggested your place in early spring might be better. He said he would get in touch. It all seems really genuine, unlike some of the documentary programs we get asked to participate in. Give him a listen.

Rags’ place?
The popular holiday destination, L’Abeille Nue. A naturist resort in the French countryside between the historic cities of Carcassonne and Narbonne.

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The Cutter’s Tale

The Cutter’s Tale
This short story involves some of the characters introduced in the first story in the Rags to Riches series, The Uncovered Policeman. It is a standalone story. It tells the tale of some of the events that occur before we meet “The Undercover Policeman.”



The Naked Warriors

Naked Warriors Cover
The Naked Warriors,
A Rags to Riches short story
A short story set on the fringes of the Rags to Riches Series.
Captain Paul Johnston has received a letter from each of the three women in his life,his mother, his sister and his new lover.
Sat in a room in the Falkland Islands as he reads them, the story take us from the dust of the Afghan countryside to the drizzle of the foot hills of Mount Pleasant.



The Girls Trip to the Beach

The Girls Trip to the Beach
The Girls Trip to the Beach
A short story in the Rags to Riches series.
Bea and Rags find themselves separated by work commitments. Rags adventures in Norfolk are detailed in Uncovered Policeman, In and Out of the Blues and you can follow his side of tale there. So what was Bea up to in France? Here is the answer, This short story fills in the gaps between the text messages and the Skype calls.
Her new friendship with another student on her course
A joint trip to the beach
More joy and happiness abound


Cocoa and Pyjamas

Cocoa and Pyjamas
A short story set in the Rags to Riches world.
What happens when a couple who never wear pyjamas are invited to stay at friends only to discover that they have a tradition of drinking cocoa in their pyjamas before bed ….
The story features a ‘sliding doors’ moment, where a slight very slight change create ripples that totally change the path of the story but not the destinination.

Forty Shades of Green

Forty Shades

Rags takes a short break in Ireland, his mission to help some former guests with a little project ….


Rags to Riches – The Shorts

The collected short stories – only available as a paperback

Reading is for fun