Meet Ted Bun

was born in London in 1956 and lived most of my life in the south of England. 

Ted Bun came into existence in 2005 when I launched  the website “The Sun On Our Buns” ( I decided that a pseudo name was necessary. As I was working for a large national organisation. One in which being associated with the strange ideas about naturism held by some people would not have gone down well!

At the time although I know nothing about how computers work, my work at that time was mainly to do with IT projects. I suppose what I was doing was process redesign. Then the organisation underwent a major re-organised and suddenly I found myself working as an independent contractor.

A few years later and independent contractors were also all on the way out.


During my period of notice I saw an article/advert in H&E Naturist. It was for a naturist resort in Portugal that was available for rental. The ideal opportunity for Ted Bun to start his own career.

Three fun filled summers later Mrs Bun decided this was what we wanted to do.  However the place in Portugal was not strictly legal in terms of planning approval and  licencing. Time to find somewhere better!

We spent two years searching before we found our little paradise in the South of France. Now that we have moved to L’Olivette we offer relaxing, as bare as you want holidays in our gîte.

So Ted Bun is;

About 15 years old.
Married to Mrs Bun.
Web site author and designer.
Manager of a naturist holiday destination in France.
The former Manager of the largest hard built naturist resort on the Algarve.

And now an author (of sorts)

The Uncovered Policeman

The long evenings of the quiet season here in France are peaceful. Suddenly, a series of novellas and short stories started to take shape. These eventually have appeared as  The Rags to Riches series.

The first book in which our central characters first meet, and romance starts, “The Uncovered Policeman” was published on Valentine’s Day 2016.

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