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The Uncovered Policeman

The Uncovered Policeman

The first Rags to Riches book.

This is the story of Addy Adiscombe, the Uncovered Policeman. It is a romantic comedy. it includes naked people doing things that people do. … There are no sex scenes … after all the characters are British!
It is a police story, it includes criminal activity. There is no murder, no horrific violence … after all it is set in rural England.

It begins when a police radio crackles into life.
“Charlie 1 5, Charlie 1 5”
….Charlie 1 5 is PC ‘Addy’ Adiscombe a young PC looking to advance his career in the police force.
“1 5 receiving, What is your message? Over”
….Answering this call is the start of things that will change his life
“1 5 we have a report of a burglary on licenced premises. Can you attend?”
….. It sounds OK so far doesn’t it?
“1 5 Mark me as attending. What is the address?”
…… Then again things change
“1 5 You are going to love this.” Replied the dispatcher breaking RT protocol “The Club House at Eden Gardens Naturist Resort”
…… At least it wasn’t the weekend and the place very busy
“This will be fun… NOT!” Addy thought to himself,” I can see the stick I am going to get from the lads over this one”
…. Just how wrong could he be. ……..

For Addy a new life, a new love and a voyage of self discovery start here.

This is a gentle romantic comedy. It features naked people … but no absolutely no sex … the characters are British after all!

Reviewers Say

I really enjoyed this short story, easy to read, entertaining and it put a smile on my face. *****

An enjoyable read well written with a clever storyline. *****

The story is full of laughter and joy. An uplifting read on cold damp day *****

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