Two Weddings and a Naming

Two Weddings and a Naming

Rags to Riches book 5

Two Weddings and a Naming picks up the story of The Uncovered Policeman soon after the end of Goodbye Blues.  The book contains three linked short stories
As the name implies the stories of two weddings are told. But who are the brides and grooms in each of the  ceremonies?

Well there was a big clue at the end of The Uncovered Policeman; Goodbye Blues about one of the weddings…

The other Wedding … I suppose it was inevitable.

and a Naming ….. Obvious if you read the other stories, it is the Uncovered Policeman’s baby.

I tried hard to write it to be read as a stand alone story but I know the protagonists pretty well by now so if there is anything you don’t understand get in touch …. I’ll put in the missing facts in the next edition and you will get the rewrite automatically (the joy of e-books).

A tale of a fun filled winter for the denizens of the sunny Rags to Riches world!

Reviewers Say

The happiness and joy of the characters is contagious.*****
A short but really nice set of stories *****
It is just creative and fun.*****

Reading is for fun