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Paul Mount is Special Squirrel

A new superhero squirrel arrives!

What is going on? A light and fluffy superhero? A new set of characters in a familiar setting, old friends passing through and a red squirrel?

As the author of “The Bicycle Messengers” – Linda Amstutz says … “This squirrel keeps everyone guessing…even him! You’ll fall in love with Paul!”

Paul Mount is Special Squirrel cover

Paul Mount – Superhero?

Paul was the baby Mary and Joseph had longed for, even the incident Mary was involved in while pregnant wasn’t allowed to get in the way. As Paul was growing up, some of the things that happened around him marked him out as special.

As an ex-girlfriend says of him; “Bright, clever, witty, brave and gentle; my hero.”

Paul finds himself investigating local crime and corruption. His unique, but unreliable, power is definitely helpful

Paul lives in Measham, Ted Bun’s imaginary town somewhere in the English Home Counties. The story brushes against some familiar characters, PC Adiscombe, The Johnstons and the Cutters and a famous resort.

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You'll never know when Special Squirrel has his eyes on you!

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