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A Spring Break at L’Abeille Nue

A Spring Break at L’Abeille Nue

Rags to Riches book 8

A Spring Break at L’Abeille Nue is the 8th Rags to Riches novella.

The story starts with the trials and tribulations of twin sisters Jeni and Karin, who are part of the up and coming young band, Five Point.
The downside of this rising fame is the interest of the tabloid papers and web sites. The paparazzi are after them and the girls need a holiday.
Elodie, their manager, suggests a break in a place where nobody takes pictures. L’Abeille Nue. The resort run by her cousin and her cousin’s husband, Bea and Rags – the Uncovered Policeman.
Just one minor point Elodie omits to tell the girls … L’Abeille Nue is a naturist resort.

It runs to 128 pages and on the Kindle has X-ray enabled so that you can find a brief bio of each character without losing your place in the story!!

Reviewers Say

Another really enjoyable episode in the story of Rags and Bea Addiscombe. I thoroughly enjoyed this latest story and am waiting for the next instalment. *****
A fun and positive tale. Good light reading for relaxation ****
Ted has done it again.*****

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