The Uncovered Policeman: Goodbye Blues

The Uncovered Policeman: Goodbye Blues

Rags to riches Book 4

The Uncovered Policeman: Goodbye Blues is the fourth story in the Rags to Riches series

The start of this Uncovered Policeman story finds PC Adiscombe of work with an injured back (again).

His girlfriend, newly qualified solicitor Bea Johnston, is about to start a new job in France. At least he will be able to spend a few weeks in France with her.

Then things go right, very right.
Old friends rally around and assist in many different ways. Family offers help and they are on the way …
On the way where?
What is the future for PC Adiscombe’s alter ego Rags the naturist?
What is the difference between the naturist Bea and the Naked Bee?
Is it Bee honey or Bea, honey?
Confused ?
You won’t be (bee? Bea?) after you read Goodbye Blues the fourth tale of The Uncovered Policeman.

Reviewers Say

The story keeps getting better. ****
A good read. ****
Great end to the four novellas, but not the end of the Rags to Riches series.. *****

Reading is for fun