After The Event

The Event was not a party!

Huw Williams is just eleven years old when the deep-space object hurtling in the general direction of Earth was first detected. 

By the time he is twelve, probes have been launched to learn more about the object, that was predicted to pass close to the planet. Two of these probes collide and crash into the rock, changing its course, ever so slightly. It should just miss our planet but it is going to be a close call!

There was still a good chance the massive chunk of rock might not impact on Earth. However, its passing is going to have a huge impact on Huw’s life!

An emotional rollercoaster!

Old Phoenix gave After The Event five stars on Amazon

I generally don’t care for post-apocalyptic fiction, but I’m a fan of the author and so gave this book a try and was pleasantly surprised by this thoroughly engaging vision of survival after a world shifting cataclysm. The word pleasantly applies to my level of surprise and not the story, which included many realistic descriptions, only a limited number of which were pleasing to behold. The author did a masterful job providing credible details of how the survivors handled the physical and technological challenges, but even more satisfying was his development of the human social and psychological interactions. This one will stay with me for a while.

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