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Welcome to the Ted Bun Book Shop

and welcome to the world of innocent fun that is non-sexual naturist fiction!


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The Flat Bares

A committee, a committee of amateurs, what could go wrong?
They set up the committee in response to a near tragedy … events turn into a comedy.
Even the name … Burton Abbotts Residents’ Environmental Schemes, BARES for short – A short Story.

The Summer of ’76

Star-crossed lovers, The Summer of the century, then Organised Crime butts in!


As Sam came round, a stabbing pain in her chest made her wince. She was hurting everywhere. Her eyes were stuck, swollen shut. She struggled to move and pain shot through her arms and legs.
“Keep still, love. The ambulance is on the way.” She heard a man’s voice; friendly, confident and reassuring.
Sensing his strength and that he was there to protect her; she allowed herself to relax. In the distance she could hear sirens, they were coming for her. She was safe.

Problems in the Pyrenees

The third Melody NBL Story … Called to help while on holiday in the South of France, the ever generous Melody strips for action.



The Last Day of June

This book is not naturist fiction … hence the new name at the bottom of the cover!

“I started to read it and couldn’t put it down!” Robert Whiston-Crisp


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