The Uncovered Policeman: Family Album

The Uncovered Policeman: Family Album

Rags the Uncovered Policeman and Rags the photographer  get involved in a reunion of Bea’s Family.

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Rags and Bea are on the return trip from their adventure in the Caribbean paradise of St Maarten. On the island, they stayed at the famous Club Orient, all expenses paid, while they helped Bea’s long-lost Uncle Dave (as his alter ego Canadian rock star Lucifer Lightning) protect his new recordings from pirates.

They even ended up helping to stage a bare gig while Rags took pictures for the ‘Stripped’ album cover.

The bare gig having gone so well there is a plan for Lucifer Lightning to bring his band to the UK and Europe for a tour and some naturist festival shows. This means that for the first time since before Bea was even a twinkle in her mum’s eye, Mum, Sylvia, and her brother Dave will be on the same continent.

Will it be a happy reunion or will fur fly? Whichever, Rags, the Uncovered Policeman will be there with his camera to record it all for the Family Album.

The Uncovered Policeman – Family Album is the seventh book in the Rags to Riches series

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