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The Summer of ’71

Meet Mick Crooke and Samantha Loch, and quite importantly for the story not ending on page four, Mick’s Triumph Trident motorcycle. This is a tale of romance set in 1970 Britain. The Beatles have split up. Hendrix is dead and Woodstock and the hippie dream are American phenomenon …

In Britain things are different; still recovering from the devastation and austerity of war. There is undercurrent of violence that ran through the era of skinheads and gangland London. The corruption of the police and the drugs and sex trade. It wasn’t all flares, disco and Abba by a long stretch!

Richard Savin, author of The Girl in the Baker’s Van says

I found this a gritty, fast moving and just occasionally romantic, story. Convincingly written by someone who knows their subject it is set against the violence of the 70’s confrontational society. Skinheads, drugs and protection rackets make for a gripping drama and although this is not in the genre we expect from this author, it nevertheless works. A well crafted plot and snappy dialogue.

Amazon Reviewer Chris B says

Once again, from the magic pen of mr Ted, another masterpiece finds its way into life.
As a 70’s youth I can relate to the characters in this story.
Brilliant and gripping tale and hopefully the beginning of a new series…please
Thanks Ted

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