Naturist Fiction

Naturist Fiction

Naturist Fiction is a small but thriving category of fiction.  It can be identified by these 3 general identification points. Of course exceptions exist.

  • Is a story where the protagonist are either in a clothes free environment or chose to be bare as part of their daily life.
  • These stories in general do not have a focus on sexual acts.
  • Most Naturist Fiction presents (naturist) life in a positive light.

If you type “Naturist” into the Amazon search box you will get a lot of strange results. this sadly is down to some smutty stories being tagged “naturist” to try and broaden the number of searches they turn up in. “I Cuckolded My Husband, With A Biker Gang, From Behind, on the Beach” is unlikely to be a real naturist story.  Sadly at the minute the choice of search terms is up to the person publishing the story. If “I Cuckolded…..” is what you want to read … go ahead, it isn’t naturist fiction though.

Some Naturist Fiction books I have enjoyed are listed below, go on try reading one, it won’t frighten you or husband !

P Z Walker

Is a very busy writer … in lots of genres even within Naturist Fiction PZ writes Contemporary Fantasy (the Naked Crow series) and Sci-Fi  (Mirror Earth … which I review on this site)

Buy books by P Z Walker here

Wallace M Greensage

Who Is This Naked Lady?: And What Have They Done With My Wife? The first in a series ….

Matthew Black

Naturist comedy

Andrew Calow

Legal ..but no briefs

Ted Bun

That’s me folks!!

Adam Lawler

Brad Eases

Brad Eases stories threaten to tip into erotica … but in my opinion not quite (bar one scene, but that is my opinion)

Jacob Drake

John David Harding

Olaf Danielson

Books by Olaf Danielson
Books by Olaf Danielson

Buy books by Olaf Danielson here

Kenneth A Moe

Interesting series of books based in and around Phoenix Arizona. Naturism in world dominated by small and often extremist churches with wacky names … Well observed and cleverly written

Books By Ken Moe
Books By Ken Moe

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Martin Brant

An American writer who has produced two collections of stories, which are available as individual books as well as in the collections

More Stories for Nudists about Social Nudity: Volume Two (The Nudist Series Book 9) by [Brant, Martin]
A Village by the River (The Nudist Series)

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Richard Schillig

Richard runs a ‘rough camping’ naturist destination in Portugal. If you like peace and quiet, nature and STARS it is well worth a visit

Otha Foster

Reading is for fun