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Boy on a Baker’s Bike

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The Boy on a Baker’s Bike

Dreaming of Summer With Joelle

It is 1979, Gary is eighteen years old and single.
He will soon be doing his final school exams. He wants to become a teacher of French; so, he is looking for a job in France.

Back when he was fourteen, he had been on the school exchange trip to Rheims. He is still in touch with his student host, Marcel.

With the long summer holiday coming, he writes to Marcel to see if his penfriend can suggest anything. Joelle, his host older sister gets Gary fixed up with a job in a holiday centre with Marcel and herself.
Gary has dreamt of Joelle for four years, of course, he is going.
Marcel hasn’t been completely honest about the ‘holiday centre.’ Gary may have packed too much clothing.

Day one is a little of an eye-opener. But then he has found an old bike and … there is Joelle

Bob from Tennessee awarded ‘The Boy’ 5.0 out of 5 stars 

Ted Bun does it AGAIN

Reviewing a previous book, I said that if Ted Bun wrote a telephone book I would read it. Nothing has changed. All Ted’s books are “nudecentric”, full of the joy of clothes free living, and greeting card innocent. What a great way to unwind after a difficult day, relax on a beach, or just sit nude with a glass of wine and escape to a simpler place. 

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