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The Uncovered Policeman: THE LONG ROAD

The Uncovered Policeman:THE LONG ROAD

Rags to Riches Book 10

The Uncovered Policeman :THE LONG ROAD is the tenth story in the Rags to Riches series

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There are huge changes afoot at L’Abeille Nue – the naturist resort in the Southern France that Rags and Bea Adiscombe opened, on the site of a failed riding stables, many years earlier.

As a result Rags is now on a road trip at the behest of Bea. It could have been a long, lonely mission.

Fortunately, he has a network of friends and family to help him along the way. Many of them long standing acquaintances and others are new, like Horse, who takes him the length of the most famous road in the world.

The mission turns out to be long on sunshine and laughter but, as normal for Rags’ adventures, rather short on unnecessary clothing!

This is a stand-alone story better read in its correct place in the series!

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