Naturist Fiction = Fun Stories

While Bees Sleep

Set at L’Abeille Nue … but this time Rags and Bea are minor players.

It is Spring at L’Abeille Nue, the naturist resort in the South of France.
Outside the weather is still cool, but the days are getting warmer. Soon the Bees will be emerging after having spent the winter hunkered down in their hives, feasting on the bounty of the previous summer.

So, what happens at a naturist resort over winter?

In the case of L’Abeille Nue, lots. People, always women, come and stay and go away a week later, changed. Hopefully after one of Hilary’s “Improving Your Self Image” courses, changed for the better.

The story focuses on the experiences of eight women who attend the course. Six have body image issues. One has been sent by her employer. The eighth has been sent to spy by her husband, TV producer Ian Francis, to research a story, or has she? Will she?

Set in the middle of the time span of “The Uncovered Policeman: Made for TV” this is a stand-alone story.

Reading is for fun