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Problems of Succession

The Second NBL Solutions story

Melody NBL, is the widow of the late Detective Inspector John Fabricant. Melody is a special woman, with a special talent. As we discover, her role in life is solving problems for other people.

The Chief Constable’s wife arrives to ask Melody to take a new commission. A bit of a surprise, as Melody has not seen the woman since John’s funeral.

Melody’s new task is to find a solution for the problems facing Lady Roffham. Which means that she will have to dig into the changes in the fortunes of the Roffham family.

A set of problems that will require some thought. Thinking is something Melody is good at. As long as she is free from the constraints and restraints of clothes.

The other thing about Melody NBL is she is a generous woman. Generous in proportions. Generous with her favours.

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