Free Short Story available on Kindle

To give you a chance to sample my writing for free I have published this Short Story and will try to keep as free download for as long as possible …

The Cutters’ Tale

This is a short story about how Sean and Gill Cutter came to own the Eden Gardens Naturist Resort. It ends at the point where the Uncovered Policeman starts his journey from Rags to Riches.

In this short story we follow the Cutters from their carefree youth through to a realisation of what they wanted to do with their lives. A journey that takes them across Europe until they find themselves  working clothes free for weeks on end. Doing what they were destined to do….

The story is available free for 4 more days. I will extend that time if it is possible, otherwise I will make it available here in all formats as a free-bee.

Read and enjoy …. let world know if you like it and tell me if you don’t!

mini cutters cover

More Uncovered Policeman

Is it possible to have a more Uncovered Policeman than Rags? No, but Rags journey to riches has more twists and more turns in this new adventure,

The second of the Rags to Riches stories is another novella going under the title of

The  Uncovered Policeman – Abroad

It is currently being proof read. I am not relying on Word to do the checking this time.  I have a real expert on the job, Mrs Bun.

Hoping to be able to publish towards the end of March.

the cover of cover Rags to Riches book 2, The Uncovered Policeman Abroad
Rags to Riches book 2, The Uncovered Policeman Abroad

The story of Rags and his new found love moves on as they take a holiday. This will be a first uncovered holiday for Rags as they set off for a break on the French Atlantic coast. Things do not go completely to plan and they find themselves caught up in an adventure. Along the way they meet new friends who will help Rags on his path Riches.

As soon as it is ready I will post a teaser chapter to wet your appetite.

The First Book!

The Uncovered Policeman Click to Buy
The Uncovered Policeman Click to Buy as a “pdf” 

The first Rags to Riches book in which we meet the Policeman who will become “Rags” later in the book and the the young lady who will accompany him on his journey to Riches.