Naturist Fiction = Fun Stories

December ’19 Reads

A bunch of unrelated books (except 2 by Michael Beyers) that might tempt you

Sky Diving Naked: A Murder of Crows

Michael Gunner

Set in the Australian outback. A light easy read tale of hitmen taking out people stupid enough to steal from a drug dealer. The police remain at a loss

If you have a couple of hours to kill … Enjoy

3 Stars

Siege and Sacrifice (Numina Book 3)

Charlie N. Holmberg

A difficult read, to start with. The series has been much darker and Ms Holmberg’s lightness of touch is less evident. The two main characters are rather flat the rest of the cast are completely two dimensional – apart from a  scene near the end of the book which saves the whole project.

That said this book is the most compelling of the three-book series. The narrative finally comes to life and the (sketchy) characters fall in line to deliver a gripping finale a few chapters from the wind down end of the book.

If you are a fan of Charlie N. Holmberg’s other works… The series awaits

If you are stuck on book two… Siege and Sacrifice is worth reading on for

If you are thinking about it … Start with the first book and if you love it,  it is worth continuing if you don’t click don’t bother.


One O’Rabbie’s Bairns

James Gault

A very funny story once you get into the Scottish argot used throughout.

I am a Suverner, I can do cockney if you need me to, however I made sense of the entire story.

Set in 2030. Brexit has happened. IndyRef2 has happened and a thriving Scotland has re-joined the EU.

Willie Kemp, Minister (not his real title) of Finance, decides to prepare his autobiography with the help of an English journalist  …

Very funny

4 Stars

Snow Babies

Michael Beyer

Michael Beyer says this is the best book he has written, I’m not sure I agree with him.

Point number one: Even though the covers might suggest this is a book for children, it is very definitely a book for adults, that is safe for children to read.

It is a very well plotted and written story. Once again, we find ourselves in the Iowa of town Norwell. While the Norwell Pirates, members of the famous softball team, feature in this story, other than Valerie, they take the back seat to the adults this time.

Set before ‘Sing Sad Songs’ which I reviewed last month, Snow Babies tells the story of the arrival in Norwell of four orphans, a witch, a social worker and a man called Catbird. Oh yes and a rather severe snowstorm, probably the worst in living memory.

Having assembled the ingredients, mix well season with a few deaths and …

A very good read.

Beyer’s best? Maybe, but I still think ‘Recipes for Gingerbread Children’ (reviewed in May) might just have the edge… read both and decide for yourself.

Another great story!

4 Stars

A Beginner’s Guide to Free Fall

Andy Abramowitz

An absorbing and well written tale in which nothing much happens but I couldn’t stop reading.

Davis almost has it all, good job he enjoys, loving wife, a daughter he dotes on and a sister that worships him. Then in a matter of hours it had all gone, except his sister.

Alone in a squalid bachelor flat he has to rebuild his life. He does get help from his sister and a couple of other unlikely sources.

I am glad I picked this story the Kindle Firsts list … a lovely read.

Book of the month

5 Stars

The Bicycle Wheel Genius

Michael Beyer

Another outing for the Norwall Pirates, several years further on from the Snow Babies. Former leader Mary is long gone, Valerie is handing over leadership just as the new tale starts.

A mad scientist, a mad (psychotic) killer, killer humanoid robots, a government out of control, aliens, time travel, sexual realignment and the rest of the population of Norwall.

A fun story, although at one point there are too many characters with names beginning with D … and once or twice it becomes a little difficult to follow the narrative. No, you don’t lose the thread it just a bit tangled, then it is that type of non-linear story.

Did I mention the Rabbit called Milles?

4 Stars