Two Weddings and a Naming


Two Weddings and a Naming
Two Weddings and a Naming

Two Weddings and a Naming

What another short (ish) story?  Why did you call it Two Weddings and a Naming?

Yes a short story, and since that is what happens the title made sense to me. Let me explain …

There is a gap of several years between Goodbye Blues and Caribbean Blues, no individual events  that would fill an entire novel. Well, not without a lot of padding and detail about how –

“Rags stood watching the water cascade from the new yellow hose pipe, plunging  into bottom of the empty pool the pool, the stream bursting into a million sparkling droplets. For a few moments he watched the second hand sweep around the black face of his silver Timex Explorer watch, it was the Tide and Temperature model that he had lusted after, he remembered the delight, on opening the box Bea had given him on his birthday, to find it, nestling in its deep red plush presentation case.  He made a mental note to return in two hours, he would need to carefully monitor the slowly rising water level. To that end he resolved to ….”

Rather than my more usual style

“Rags checked the time as he started to fill the pool. “I’ll look back in a couple of hours to see how it’s going,”  he thought as he wandered off to the house where his next chore waited.”

So a Short Story it was going to be.

Two Weddings,

One wedding  is trailed in Goodbye Blues. The second  is hinted at in the Epilogue …. No big surprises there … a few twists that I hope will keep you engaged!

A Naming

…. That gets a twist too …. It was fun to write and only came together as it now is as the words emerged on the screen!!

As an aside

Am I the only person who remembers the BBC TV’s Fools and Horses episode  in which Del-boy holds the newborn Damien in the moonlight in a parody of the scene in Alex Hayley’s Roots?